Dan Lurie Barbell Company

This is the History of the Dan Lurie Barbell Co, started in the early 1940's in Brooklyn, New York. The location was in the basement of my parents home at 1729 Rockaway Parkway.

I won my first AAU Title "Americas Most Muscular Man Contest at the 1942 AAU Mr. America show held in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Joe Weider started to publish "YOUR PHYSIQUE MAGAZINE " in 1940, from his home in Montreal, Canada. and needed a Champion Bodybuilder to endorse his Weider products.

Joe Weider wrote to me and he came to New York . We met and we became friends right away. I was 19 at the time and Joe was about 4 months older.

Joe, was having a hard time shipping his barbells to America. The US Government would charge extra duty and US Taxes along with high freight shipping charges. If you bought a set of barbell for $25.00 by the time you received it , the cost would be $50.

Joe and I entered into a contract agreement being 50-50 partners. He would advertise the Dan Lurie Barbell Co. in his muscle publications.

I started to manufacture barbells in America. It was a one man operation for many years. I did all the hard work of what was involved. The first year, maybe we did $5,000 gross. The second year maybe we did $10,000 gross. By 1948 the business grew to over $100,000 a year.

When the barbell business grew Joe Weider did not want to share the profits with me. So he took out the Dan Lurie Barbell name and put in Weider Barbell Co using a 5 Av, NYC mailing forwarding address..

I sued Joe Weider for a breach of contract. but never collected a dime in court.

Within a few years, I printed a catalogue and took out small one inch ads in National magazines offering a free catalog. I was the first Barbell Manufacturer in the East Coast to package and sell Dan Lurie Barbells in Sporting Good Stores and to the biggest Department Store's. In those years I sold more Barbell sets than YORK & WEIDER combined, doing over Ten Millions dollars a year.

Dan Lurie Health Foods, Inc.

I first started the Dan Lurie Health Food business in 1965, That was the year I started to publish "Muscle Training Illustrated" Magazine.

In those days there were a limited number of Pharmacutical plants that were making the health line I wanted. The first 2 or 3 manufactures I went to I was turned down. Joe Weider (my ex partner) in the 1940's threatened them he would cancel his orders if they did business with me.

I finally found a small manufacturer in Long Island, N. Y. who would label my food supplement line.

At first I used one color labels, as my sales were coming from MTI magazine. It wasn't until I came out with new 4 color litho labels that my business grew. The color labels made everything look top quality. Real high class.

My sales were made from Gyms, Health Food Stores and most of all in Drug and Department Stores.

My biggest seller was a 7 lb. can of Jet 707. By mixing this with Milk and Ice Cream you added many calories to your diet. This product really worked.

When Sergio Oliva endorsed this drink, the sales skyrocket.

I had Protein Drinks, weight gain, and weight loss products, plus a complete line of food supplements.

I always used the highest quality that was available.

Dan Lurie Saunas

Since I had a large facility factory to manufacture my Iron Benches and other equipments, I had carpenters who worked for me. So it was easy to make a knocked down Sauna.

I made a prototype 3x4 Saunas with a heater that my son made and displayed it at the Sporting Good Show. I had pretty girls going in and out of the sauna.

The Retail Price was only $ 295.00 .

Sales started to come in.

I made Saunas up to 10 x 10. These units require a large 220 volt heater.

I myself loved the Sauna and put one in my home. In the winter I would go in the sauna and then chop a hole in the ice in my pool and take a dip.

Dan Lurie Gym

I opened my first gym in 1943 on Clarkson Ave. in Brooklyn N.Y. Over the years, I opened a total of 8 gyms in the New York area, and 1 in Miami Beach.

Clarkson Ave & Remsen Ave
1701 Pitken Ave at Rockaway Ave
Church & Flatbush Ave
Avenue U
Lynbrook, Long Island
230 Hempstead Ave
West 57th St & 9th Ave
East 46th St
East 44th St
Miami Beach
228 Lincoln Road at Ocean Drive